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Sarah Conn

Creator • Catalyst • Writer • Director • Producer • Curator


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Sarah’s practice is centered in collaboration across disciplines, and the creation and dissemination of new performance. Her career layers together institutional and independent practice, collaborations with local community members and high-profile artists, international touring and hyper local work, and traditional and experimental productions. Her creative work is porous, modular, rooted in relationship and community, and invites personal and participatory negotiations of agency and transformation. Artists and organisations include Cassils, Marie Brassard, Canadian Opera Company, Dana Gingras, Melanie Demers, Why Not Theatre, and Feist.

Her formal research practice focuses on curatorial frameworks, creative process design, interdisciplinary collaboration, the activation of anecdotal data, and the politics of co-existence. Her life-long fascination with change informs and is embodied in all aspects of her work; notably how we individually and collectively acknowledge, instigate, and navigate impermanence and transformation.

Sarah is a passionate connector and creative catalyst – who through her work with the NAC National Creation Fund making large scale investments – has helped create 70+ new performance works across Canada. She supports artists in developing new creation processes and methodologies that allow for the development of compelling and ambitious new Canadian theatre, dance, music and interdisciplinary performance. She also develops and executes strategic initiatives for the Fund, with current focuses including environmental sustainability, equity, and accessibility.

Sarah holds a MA in Performance Curation from the Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance (Wesleyan University). She is a recipient of the Ontario Arts Council’s Pauline McGibbon Award and a Siminovitch Prize Protégé. She is on the board of Debaser, one of Ottawa’s leading independent and underground music presenters.